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A Popular Driveway Solution in Rugby & Oxfordshire

Resin Driveways are much more popular in Rugby 2021, its more expensive but it really adds value to your home and will always last a lifetime. Slightly more expensive than tarmac driveways, Our team here have the skills and expertise to create beautiful resin driveways and we have a wealth of portfolios and recent projects behind us. Let us help you get the most out of your property with a special resin driveway that will add value to your Rugby home.

Are you looking to add value to your property and add real kerb appeal? Resin is by far the most popular choice, it’s more expensive but you can really see and feel the difference. It’s safe, clean minimal and will last a life time if looked after.

Our team have worked with resin bound systems for many years now and we are the most experienced driveway company in Rugby with loads of resin driveways completed.

Resin is fast becoming the surface of choice, because of its great appearance and very low maintenance qualities. It is also meets building regulations because it’s a permeable Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) surface that helps to reduce flooding and water quality.

Typically, when rain water runs off a traditional impermeable surface such as block paving, it can pick up nasty pollutants and oils which flows into drains and rivers. This has an impact of local wildlife and the fishing industry.

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Types of Resin For Driveways 

There are 2 main types of resin to use when it comes to resin driveways, you can use resin bond and resin bound, they both produce the same outcome to the untrained eye but there are two different ways of installing.

There are many types of resin driveways and for those that have never thought about investing in a new driveway there are many types of resin driveways you can choose from in texture and colours. Depending on your taste you can choose from a deep yellow/gold to silver down to darker grey colours. You can also choose speckled colours where there is a base colour and that colour is patterned with another colour which always looks great.

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Resin Bound Driveways

Resin bound is the most popular in the Rugby area, most of the driveways and patios you see built and installed by us will be resin bound. Here at Direct Driveways we only use the best quality laid to 18mm thick so the aggregate is tight and compact so that it is durable, resistant to frost, weeds and in summer is malleable and warm on the feet so really safe for kids and pets.

The base needs to be concrete or hardcore MOT so that the resin sits evenly and when applied as a liquid will be laid at 18mm thick for complete compactness. As a general rule, resin bound is more expensive than resin bond but you can see the difference in the installation. Your resin bound driveway is completely permeable and will allow water to pass through meaning no puddles or leaks off into your garden where it can flood.

Once you have your resin bound driveway installed, it’s very low maintenance and just requires a jet wash every 3-4 months and in between seasons changing.

Resin Bonded

Resin bonded is much looser than resin bound and the idea is for the resin to set further apart therefore making it feel like loose gravel, but really it is bonded together.

The resin isn’t as tightly bonded therefore you the water cannot pass through efficiently, this means that it would be perfect for patios more than driveways or pathways.

This Resin Bonded System is not porous as water cannot pass through; therefore, it is not SUDS compliant.

Once the Resin has cured, it will be weed and slip-resistant whilst remaining seamless. The system will also not fade.

Resin Bound or Resin Bonded?

Most of our customers when choosing resin will go for resin bound over resin bonded as it has the following advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly using renewable materials.
  • Will last a lot longer than resin bonded.
  • Clean with no loose chippings or stones.
  • Permeable – will let the water run through to ensure a non slip surface
  • Safe for kids and pets alike
  • Aesthetically pleasing on the eye

So, looking at the resin bound option, there are many more advantages, you will also be adding real value to your home should you come to sell in the future. Our team are fully specialised in resin bound driveways in the Rugby area so why not speak to us today and let us know provide you with a free design survey and quote for this specialist type of driveway.

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